Introducing The Grace Box

We are thrilled to bring the second “Cards for A Cause Box” to Love365 Cards! With only a few religious cards in our inventory, this box of 10 faith based cards is a much needed and welcome addition. First let me introduce you to Margot Harper, our designer for The Grace Box cards.

About the Designer

Margot lives in Charlotte, NC and came to our family as a nanny in 2015. We never thought a nanny would be in our future but when our preschool closed just a few months before the start of Kindergarten, a summer nanny was the best solution. However, as soon as Margot started with us, she became like family and we quickly figured out that we were not ready to say goodbye to her at the end of the school year. So we moved some things around and kept her for the next TWO years, until our youngest started elementary school.

Margot is an incredible person. She has been gifted with an artistic talent that I can’t even put into words. She is also one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. She takes pride in her work and is unbelievable with kids. Not only is she a full-time nanny for a family, but she also serves in the Children’s Ministry at her church, Elevation, each week. As I write this I asked my youngest son (who is sitting next to me) what he would say about Margot. “She is nice, pretty, and energetic,” he says. She has an incredible heart and has often inspired me to be a better person. For years I have had a quote on my dresser that says,

     We should all have someone in our lives on whom we can look back and say,                               "I saw God’s love in that person.”

                                                                         - Max Lucado

Margot has been that for me. She has a heart for God- you can see it in all that she is and does. 

It’s been almost three years since Margot worked for us, but she is still very much a part of our family and of the boys’ lives. When an opportunity presented itself at the end of 2019, I jumped and asked her to design a box of faith based cards for Love365. Like everything else she does, she jumped into it enthusiastically and the designs started flowing. We’ve picked our ten favorites for this box. We also asked Margot to pick a local non-profit to support through purchases of the Grace Box. For every ‘Cards for A Cause Box’ purchased, $10 goes to a non-profit. She chose Learning Help Centers of Charlotte, a faith based non-profit that supports children and families in need. As children are close to her heart, Margot wanted to support an organization that is advocating those in our community who are vulnerable and need assistance. Learn more about this organization below.

 About Learning Help Centers of Charlotte

Learning Help Centers of Charlotte (LHCC) has been a part of the Charlotte community since July 2012. Their mission is to provide scholastic, spiritual, and social support to families bogged down in generational poverty. Through partnerships with like-minded non-profits and community partners, LHCC is able to offer several program services with the goal of advocating for and investing in vulnerable children and families.  According to their website, LHCC is “committed to supporting underserved families by offering quality programs that are shown to transform lives, by helping to break generational poverty.” Click here to read more about this impactful organization.

Before You Go...

As it is important to “Shop Small” and “Shop Local” we wanted to take this opportunity to support a local charity. Our hope is that you love the new Grace Box. That you purchase it, gift it, and by doing so help support poverty stricken families in the Charlotte area.

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