Printable Greeting Cards for Kids

Now that all meetings are cancelled and most places have closed, I feel like I should have more free time? Am I crazy?! But of course, that just doesn’t seem to be reality. Like at all.

Trying to balance some work from home, which has been near impossible, while giving the kids the structure they desperately need has been challenging to say the least. Society is telling us (well at least me) that I should have a structured school schedule each day for my children and that should include periods of physical activity as well as arts and crafts time. If you know me at all, you know that I am not an arts and crafts girl! I would love to be, but it wasn’t a gift I was given.

So, I called my more creative sister and asked her for some help. Thankfully this is more her speed! Amanda has created four cards for kids to color, fold up, and then send.  

This checks a few boxes:

  • creative activity
  • writing
  • scoring points with grandparents or friends

Your mom of the day award is on the way!!  


1) "Purchase" the free printable cards in our online shop. You will receive an email with a pdf file of all four printable cards.

2) Print all or just the ones you like best.

3) Color the design.

4) Fold the page in half. Fold in half one more time. 

5) Have your child write their name on the back of the card as the card designer!

6) Drop in an envelope with a stamp & mail away! 

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