Why Blank is Better

Think back to all your trips to the store in search of just the right card for Father’s Day, a special one’s birthday, a card for a friend who just needs a card. I know, hopefully these days are far behind you! But remember picking up card after card? The front looks right, but then you read the inside and it’s ALL wrong. Too mushy, not mushy enough, too many words, too rhymie (it’s a word!), just plain cheesy, and the list goes on and on. You’re nodding your head now, aren’t you? How many times have I picked out a normal Father’s Day card to only open the inside and it’s geared for a handy dad… nope nope nope. Our dad is a lot of things but “handy” isn’t one of them (bless his heart)!

A blank card fixes all of this. You can make the card whatever YOU want it to be. Take our “Hooray” card for example. It can be written for a graduation, retirement, new job, a birthday, new baby, really anything that can be celebrated. Another example is our Sunflower card (which was designed for our mom who loves sunflowers!). This is a great card to send as a get-well, a simple note hello, or when you need to send a note to your favorite grandparent along with this season’s school pictures.

Have you ever had an assorted box of cards before? My sister and I both have. First, let me just say the cards were not at all cute (like not even close to cute!), but convenience won out over looks. Second, neither of us used all of our cards. We ended up throwing a few away, which is such a waste. At Love365, when you build your assorted box, you definitely want to grab a few specific cards like birthday or maybe an anniversary card, but be sure to throw in some of the cards that really can be whatever you make them. It gives you so much flexibility! Then when you need a card for your girlfriend whose annoying boss finally quit, you have one! 

One more thing I should say about blank cards, only because I know some of you are already thinking it. They are more work. Yep, that is true, but you reap what you sow. Put in a few extra minutes, add a thoughtful message, and it will absolutely be appreciated by the recipient. I promise. Just whatever you do, please, do not just write “Happy Birthday” and sign your name. Please. We’ll cover this lesson in another post- you can count on it.

Hopefully you’re now sold on why blank cards are the way to go! I certainly hope so because that’s what we sell here. 😉 Now go build your box and make someone’s day!

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