Introducing the Love365 Five Card Challenge

I love writing and sending cards and notes. This is no surprise to anyone since my sister and I did start our own greeting card company. While we try our best to provide (and find) cute and fun cards to help you love well, we also do our best to make this easy for busy people to do. Even in the midst of this pandemic where life has slowed down, I think we are still surprised to find ourselves pretty busy. (Pretty sure it’s all the extra dishes and meals we seem to be making)! So, we’ve created the Five-Card Challenge to make it easy and hopefully fun to send a quick note of love, encouragement, or just a simple hello to someone in your life.

How it works

Each month we’ll create a new greeting card which we’ll release two weeks before the month starts (so March’s card released Feb 15th and April’s card will release on or around March 15th).

You can find a set of 5 cards on our website or through our social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Need stamps to go with it? No worries, we’ve got you covered there too!

Then, you have roughly 4 weeks to send out 5 cards. Why five? Four just seems too easy, while five provides a challenge! 😉

In keeping with this “easy button” theme, we have also kept the price really low! All five cards will be just $15, plus $1.50 for shipping. This is over 30% off our typical card price. If you need stamps, the cost will be just $2.75 more for 5 Forever stamps from the USPS.

To Really Challenge Yourself

This should be pretty doable in a month. But can you do it two months in a row? You may just have to broaden your network of card recipients. Oh no, that would be ghastly (I don’t get to use this word often enough!). We’ll run this challenge through this pandemic, because who doesn’t need that in their lives right now?!
We would LOVE to hear and see how this challenge plays out for you! Send us a note! Or post a picture and tag us!

Let’s Get Started!

Head to our online shop to purchase your first 5-Card Challenge pack!

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